TWR — Dollar plummets on U.S. stimulus hopes; bitcoin hits all-time peak

A quick look back at November.

  • Stanley Drukenmiller announced Bitcoin position
  • Bill Miller strongly recommends Bitcoin
  • Citigroup Research publishes 2021 year-end BTC price target as high as $318k
  • Blackrock Fixed Income CIO said Bitcoin could replace gold
  • Guggenheim filed to buy up to 10% GBTC position in $5.3bn Macro Fund
  • AllianceBernstein ($631bn AUM) recommends a 1.5%-10% portfolio allocation to Bitcoin
  • Skybridge filed SEC amendment to invest in Bitcoin with $3.6bn fund
  • Ray Dalio admits he might be missing something with Bitcoin
  • Niall Ferguson writes Bloomberg Op “Bitcoin is Winning the Covid-19 Monetary Revolution”
  • Square reports Q3 Bitcoin revenues and gross profit +11x & 15x YoY
  • Wyoming elects Bitcoin bull Cynthia Lummis as US Senator

What we saw at the desk

Stablecoins make the (crypto) World go round?

In case you missed it…

Privacy. Security. Best Price Execution.




Co-Founder @ Satstreet

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Mike Nasser

Mike Nasser

Co-Founder @ Satstreet

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